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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Corinne is currently out of the country; group and private lessons will resume on Sept 10, 2019



Simply put, a lesson with me is devoted to you--making the most of your vocal talent and helping you achieve your goals. Whatever style or genre you choose to sing, you will find your true voice is rooted in solid technique. 


I believe in a "mentor/apprentice" relationship rather than that of the "teacher/student" of modern standards. We should all hold ourselves accountable to a standard that's higher than what anyone else will hold us, even at a young age. A lesson should begin and end with that integrity, a good attitude, trust in your teacher, and trust in the process. As your teacher, I give you the tools and it's your decision to use them or not; I will always open the door for you but YOU choose to walk through.



Like most trained vocalists, I didn't start out as a classical singer. As a young singer, I loved listening to -- and eventually singing --  any song that I connected with: Pop, rock, folk, musicals; any genre was fair game as long as I enjoyed the song and connected with it personally, whether it suited my voice or not. When I came to an age where I could finally train my voice, it was clear that classical training was essential to my future as a professional singer. I needed to understand how my own vocal mechanism worked, I needed to discover what repertoire suited my voice type the best, I wanted to maintain my stamina, and above all else, have a lifelong career on stage. And I wanted to learn from the best.

Not long into my first year of lessons I realized that art songs, opera, lieder, and chanson were just as beautiful and enjoyable to sing as any genre of music. And not long after that, I also knew that it was the foundation for my career as a soloist. I wanted to sing everything in my shows, and opera and classical music was the heart of it. As a voice teacher, I adhere to the same philosophy; whether your destination as a performer is pop, rock, musical theater, opera, or as a member of an ensemble, the journey you take in my studio begins and continues with classical technique. Understanding how the vocal mechanism behaves under any circumstance is what will keep your voice healthy and singing beautifully for years to come. 


My approach is both objective and subjective, based in neuroscience, vocal anatomy, vocal physiology, and the use of Bel Canto vocal technique. Bel Canto is centuries-old yet still evolving, making it the most widely-used approach to singing across genres, from classical to classic rock. Singing is methodical, systematic, analytical, and logical. Yet it is also abstract, intuitive, introspective, and emotional. The combination of daily practice through analysis and intuition rewires the brain, literally through Neuroplaticity. This opens your mind to developing new strategies for learning. It is already scientifically established that those who study music memorize better, retain more information, and use multiple approaches to problem-solving.  




There's more to singing than just having a good voice. Every good singer should be a true musician; performing requires a level of musicianship that will allow you to communicate your needs as a performer with your director, sound engineer, and other musicians. A firm grasp in piano, music theory, sight-singing, and music history is a must in today's competitive world of performing.

But ultimately, it's the gig you want, right? Your voice, your looks, and your personality will get you seen and heard, but those elements alone won't pay the bills. You have to take control of your career by honing a good business sense. For some this comes naturally, and others it’s an acquired skill. You have to recognize when you're being taken for a ride, you have to negotiate for what you want and be willing to politely walk away. You will need to be okay with occasional scarcity, because this business can be feast or famine. Yes, this is business, and you have to have tough skin and a strong backbone or you will be taken advantage of. "Business" is a scary word for the artistic type, but if you don't acquire the business skills necessary, you won't pay the rent. Just keep in mind that you are a product (entertainer) that is also providing a service (helping audiences temporarily escape reality). This is what it all boils down to, unfortunately. But the best part of being your own executive? You get to do what YOU want to do with your life! 

I teach established professional singers and beginners alike. After all, we all have to start right where we are. Even if you have a well-padded résumé and advanced degrees in performance, you will always be looking for new ways to increase your knowledge and skill set. Whether you want to go pro or simply desire to acquire a lifelong artistic outlet, The Bach School of Voice, Music, & Performance will put you on the path to realize your dream! Remember, every professional singer was once an aspiring professional singer. As I said above: I open doors; it's YOU who chooses to walk through. I provide the tools and knowledge you will need to navigate this process, but it is up to you to learn; it is up to you to establish and adhere to a regular practice.

Musically Yours,

Corinne Bach, M.M. / S.L.P.a.